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Create Harmony in the Workplace

Remix Your Work offers unique, creative and effective programs and training that help harmonize teams while allowing every voice to be heard.

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Putting together the perfect team is challenging, whether you’re a rock band, a start-up or a Fortune 500 company. But when you do, the right team can create magic. Maintaining harmony and work-life balance is essential in a successful company. Remix Your Work aids in transforming your company culture with mindfulness and emotional intelligence. We believe that having healthy and happy employees lead to better productivity, effective communication, and creative thinking.

We offer specialized training for team leaders, providing managers with tools and resources to build – and sustain – positive, productive teams. We identify and build, the right mix of workshops, retreats and coaching sessions for you. From online seminars, the CIJ Creativity In Business Course and nature-immersion get-aways in the Colorado mountains, Remix Your Work provides the perfect platform for breaking free from old routines and tapping into a whole new frequency.


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